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Fabric Resistance Band

$15.95 - $ 21.95

Hip Resistance Band is a really wallet-friendly way to level up your lower body training at home, in the gym and outdoors. You will be able to target muscles that otherwise remain under-stimulated doing regular exercises. Heavy resistance bands help to activate your glutes and challenge your body in a way that latex bands are not able to. Add loop bands while doing squats, clamshells, lateral band walks, hip bridge, donkey kicks and to other workouts. You will also definitely feel the muscle burn.

KARM Cotton Resistance Band for legs and butt is more durable than latex elastic bands, yet is soft to touch. Using fabric resistance bands will give you more time to concentrate on the exercise without worrying about slipping or adjusting the fit bands. No need to worry about the cracking neither.

Please follow the size chart from the photos section to choose the right size for yourself.

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