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5 mm Knee Sleeves

$34.99 - $ 49.99

Workout Knee Sleeves help to protect your knee joints, keep your knees warm and offer comfort and support for injured knees. Wearing 5 mm Knee Sleeves which are thicker than regular knee sleeves will help you to make controlled movements which will lead to increasing your athletic performance. Use for different exercises including squats, deadlifts, lunges and many other. You will receive two sleeves, one for your right knee and other for the left knee. Knee Supports have double stitched seams and an anti-slip strip on the top which makes our product out from the rest. The antislip strip will ensure a more secure fit and helps to avoid the sleeve moving from its initial place during the exercise. Bonus carry bag makes taking the sleeves to the gym or on a trip easy.

Please see the size chart below before placing an order as there are  10 sizes available.

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