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Compression Knee Sleeve

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Compression Knee Sleeve offers medium support and is a great fit for everybody who suffer from either of the following knee conditions: Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, ACL, Joint Pain, Instability, Weakness, Swelling, Post-Surgical recovery or any other knee injury.
Anti-slip silicone waves on the top and on the bottom of the sleeve ensure perfect snug fit and will not let the sleeve move around.

Compression Knee Sleeve will support your knee, helps to reduce swelling and improves blood circulation thanks to the 3D circular knitting technology.

Please see the size chart below before placing an order as there are 8 sizes available.

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Support level: LIGHT


Perfect for all kinds of sports: Gym Workouts, Jogging, Running, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Cycling, Golf, Cross Training, Fitness Sessions, Dancing, Martial Arts, Hiking, Skiing & Other.


Compression Knee Sleeve features an amazing construction including spandex, nylon and latex.


Anti-slip silicone waves on the top and on the bottom of the sleeve ensure perfect snug fit and will not let the sleeve move around.


Product Reviews

1 Piece Really Nice Knee Brace

I’m a cross-country runner with 2 bad knees. This gives me support that is a must for me and compression as well. It doesn’t slip when I run either because of the way the inside at the top is made. Breathable material. You can increase or decrease the compression by pulling it up or scooting it down a little.

Fits like a glove

This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m a overweight guy , trying and I do mean trying to lose some weight but my dam knee keeps messing up on me. I needed a brace that could help me keep going. I have the neoprene knee brace that you can buy any where but I can’t wear it all the time (on instances that I need it for work) due the sweat. I bought another one that has some type of copper on it (brand not important) and that was so thin that it didn’t feel like I had any support. So I decided to buy this one size 3XL. I tried it on the same day I bought it and I love it. it’s not too tight and it’s not too loose. It’s just right. The material breathes so it doesn’t make me sweat and cause discomfort. This product I would recommend to any one that needs it.

Loving it so far

Had surgery for a torn ACL years ago and have worn a brace during boxing and/or jiu jitsu while training. So far this has been the most supportive, least restrictive brace, and doesn’t slide down even while training for an hour.

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