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Adjustable Posture Corrector

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Adjustable Posture Corrector offers great support for conditions such as spinal misalignment, humpback, Scoliosis, Lordosis, Sciatica. It helps to back the habit of having natural posture everybody strive for and say bye to neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, collarbone pain, steoporosis pain, but also to pains from strains, sprains and muscles spasms.

Your body will soon take over the guide of the posture trainer and will adapt the right position. It stays unnoticeable under your clothes, but be sure that others notice the change in you and your better back. Perfect back position correction for: everyday activities, office workers, long distance drivers, women nursing babies, ballroom dancers, for people who stand or sit on a chair a lot during the day.

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Support level: LIGHT


Adjustable straps let you choose the level of correction according to your needs. Easy to put on and adjust solo.


It is made of durable materials (neoprene, nylon) and finished with high quality seamwork to make it a skin friendly and longtime companion for you.


It is breathable, absorbs sweat and is 100% odor free.


Product Reviews


Great product. It’s really helping me alleviate a lot of pain and helping fix my posture. If you sit or drive a lot you need this!

I have bad posture which cause tension

Instant Relief. I have bad posture which cause tension. I put this on and pain was gone immediately. I would definitely recommend.

Feeling less pain!

My physiotherapist suggested I get a posture corrector to help with the thoracic outlet syndrome I’d been experiencing from too much work at a computer with bad posture. I looked at a lot of them and I really liked how sturdy the KARM product appeared and how the Velcro straps provided for adjustability regardless of what clothes I was wearing. So far I’m really loving this! I adjust it just tight enough that it makes me sit with my shoulders opened up rather than hunched forward. It’s doing a great job of correcting how I sit which is leading to a lessening of the symptoms I was experiencing.

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