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Kids knee support strap

UPC: 684753426326 – ASIN: B0CKXNPNK6 (BEIGE)

Kids knee support strap serves as a vital aid in addressing knee discomfort and promoting stability for young individuals. Specifically designed for children, it offers targeted support to the knee joint during physical activities and sports.

  • Crafted with comfort in mind, it provides gentle compression and alleviates strain on the knee cap area, enhancing mobility while preventing injuries.
  • The adjustable design ensures a secure fit, accommodating growing bodies and various knee sizes. With its lightweight and breathable construction, the knee support strap allows kids to engage in activities confidently, promoting an active lifestyle and fostering overall well-being from a young age.


Colors: black, pink, blue and beige.
Sizes: One size

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providing a balanced level of knee support while effectively distributing pressure across the knee cap area without compromising movement. Our support strap is equipped with three distinct strap fasteners of varying lengths, ensuring a customized fit for children aged 3-15.

An ideal substitute

for bulkier knee braces and sleeves, our neoprene patellar tendon support strap for kids is notably compact and lightweight. It offers comfort and relief for various knee conditions, including Osgood Schlatter, rheumatoid arthritis, torn ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, among others.

Featuring a Patella Stabilizer with two fully adjustable hook-and-loop straps

on each side, our support system ensures effortless application, customization, and removal. Simply by adjusting the straps, children can tailor the fit according to their leg size, suitable for both left and right knees.

Kids knee support strap is incorporating inner soft padding,

so it ensures prolonged comfort regardless of wear duration or strap tightness. The absorbent inner fabric mitigates sweat accumulation, minimizing slipping. Versatile and practical, it’s an excellent choice for children to wear at home, school, or during extracurricular activities like basketball, soccer, gymnastics, dancing, and more.

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