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KARM WEIGHTLIFTING KNEE WRAPS with a length of 198 cm help you to lift more weight and perform more repetitions. Did you know that support wrap does not only support your knee but will actually make you able to lift more weight? Wraps for lifting cause an elastic rebound effect which can help you to add 10% to your lift. Use gym knee support for exercises including squats, weightlifting, leg presses, deadlifts, and powerlifting.

THE KNEE WRAPS ARE DESIGNED FOR HEPING TO LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS and improve athletic performance. Use our products as powerlifting knee wraps, weightlifting knee wraps, knee braces for squats, and knee gym support.

ADJUSTABLE FASTENERS AT THE END OF THE WRAP ensure a secure fit, allowing quick adjustment and fast removal so you could wear the knee bands for squats only when needed. Wrap knee braces are made of durable heavy-duty cotton and elastic material to make them a longtime companion to your training. Double-stitched seams make our knee pads for squats stand out from the rest.

YOU WILL RECEIVE 2 POWERLIFTING KNEE WRAPS AND A CARRY BAG so that once you receive your package, you ready to hit the gym right away. Wearing fitness knee wraps allows you to safely improve the amount of repetitions and raise the weight you use while protecting the tendon and muscles in your knee. Great knee wraps for weightlifting men and knee sleeves for squats women.

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Support level: HIGH


The elastic rebound effect adds 10% to your lift.


Adjustable fasteners at the end of the wrap ensure a secure fit. Easy to use.


It is made of durable materials (neoprene, nylon) and finished with high-quality seam work to make it a skin-friendly and longtime companion for you.