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* BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR FOR PLUS SIZE WITH ADJUSTABLE FASTENERS AND BONUS PADS helps to reduce slouching and achieve the correct posture by alleviating your muscles. Get back the habit of having the natural posture everybody strives for. Use also for neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, collarbone pain, osteoporosis pain, pains from strains, sprains, and muscle spasms. Plus size back brace is a great support for conditions like a spinal misalignment, humpback, Scoliosis, and Lordosis.

* BONUS PADS MAKES WEARING THE BRACE COMFORTABLE as the corrector will be soft against your shoulders. Plus size back support brace is made of durable materials (neoprene, nylon) and finished with high-quality seam work to make it a skin-friendly and longtime companion for you. It is breathable, absorbs sweat, and is 100% odor free. Perfect back position correction for everyday activities, office workers, long-distance drivers, women nursing babies, and others.

* ACHIEVE CORRECT POSTURE by wearing the simple posture brace to hold shoulders back for at least 1-2 hours a day in the first week and for longer once you feel comfortable lengthening the time. Your body will soon take over the posture trainer’s guide and adapt to the right position. It stays unnoticeable under your clothes, but be sure that others notice the change in you and your better back

* EASY TO USE FOR OBESE as two adjustable straps make putting the brace on, adjusting it, and taking it off easy so you could do it all solo. Adjustable straps give you the opportunity to choose the level of correction according to your need. Great back brace for women and back brace for men, upper back support brace, clavicle correction, clavicle support, upper shoulder support, upper shoulder adjustment, and shoulder corrector. 

* PLUS SIZE 2XL/3XL AVAILABLE SO CHECK THE SIZE CHART FROM THE PHOTOS to see if it would be a perfect fit. Decide now to get the discreet back brace to hold shoulders back and be sure our upper back brace for proper posture is suitable to wear anywhere anytime!