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KARM WEIGHTLIFTING KNEE WRAPS with a length of 198 cm help you to lift more weight and perform more repetitions. Did you know that support wrap does not only support your knee but will actually make you able to lift more weight? Wraps for lifting cause an elastic rebound effect which can help you to add 10% to your lift. Use gym knee support for exercises including squats, weightlifting, leg presses, deadlifts, and powerlifting.

THE KNEE WRAPS ARE DESIGNED FOR HEPING TO LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS and improve athletic performance. Use our products as powerlifting knee wraps, weightlifting knee wraps, knee braces for squats, and knee gym support.

ADJUSTABLE FASTENERS AT THE END OF THE WRAP ensure a secure fit, allowing quick adjustment and fast removal so you could wear the knee bands for squats only when needed. Wrap knee braces are made of durable heavy-duty cotton and elastic material to make them a longtime companion to your training. Double-stitched seams make our knee pads for squats stand out from the rest.

YOU WILL RECEIVE 2 POWERLIFTING KNEE WRAPS AND A CARRY BAG so that once you receive your package, you ready to hit the gym right away. Wearing fitness knee wraps allows you to safely improve the amount of repetitions and raise the weight you use while protecting the tendon and muscles in your knee. Great knee wraps for weightlifting men and knee sleeves for squats women.

KARM PATELLA TENDON KNEE STRAP offers medium-level support and helps to spread the pressure in the knee cap area to take off stress from the painful patellar tendon without restricting the range of motion. The knee strap is available in XS-6XL sizes!

TREATS PAIN IN THE KNEE CAP AREA as it spreads pressure to take off stress from the painful patellar tendon. Works as a knee stabilizer while providing constant feedback to the brain to keep the muscles on a high alert level. Reduces the risk of re-injury and decreases knee pain while having full mobility. Suitable for men, women, and youth.

LIGHT AND CONVENIENT STRAP is a perfect alternative for bulky knee braces and knee sleeves as the neoprene knee band brace is small and lightweight. Discrete knee support is perfect for occasions where wearing larger knee support is not possible. Strap comforts a knee that’s suffering from a meniscus tear, Osgood Schlatter disease, rheumatoid arthritis, torn ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, and other conditions such as dodgy knees.

2 FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS on both sides make it easy to put on / take off and adjust the additional support. Open the fasteners and adjust the position and tension of the knee strap to suit your needs.

EXTRA INNER SOFT PADDING prevents feeling uncomfortable no matter how much the hook-and-loop straps are tightened. The knee strap stays in place as the fabric absorbs sweat which helps to prevent slipping making the knee support perfect for heavy usage. The knee strap is great for walking, running, dancing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross-training, gymnastics, hiking, playing golf, bowling, biking, basketball, and tennis.

KARM PLUS SIZE COPPER KNEE BRACE is available in XL-6XL sizes. The knee brace offers high-level knee support and more stability than pull-up copper knee sleeves or straps thanks to the side stabilizers. Use the copper knee brace for arthritis pain and support, minor ligament injuries, instability, and twisted or sprained knee.

COPPER-INFUSED MATERIAL USED inside of the knee brace is soft and offers comfort. Open patella design helps to reduce pressure on the patella & underlying knee joint, making the knee brace plus size perfect for heavy usage. Extra support for working out: walking, running, weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross-training, hiking, playing golf, bowling, and biking.

3 SAME WAY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS make the knee brace with copper for women and men stay in place throughout the day and make it easy to adjust regardless of the body size and swelling level. Sew-in straps of the copper leg brace are designed to fit comfortably large thighs and calves.

EVERYBODY CAN EASILY USE plus-size knee braces for knee pain without any additional help. Place it on the knee, fasten the straps one by one and you are ready to go. Wear the copper compression brace on your left or right knee also during periods of inactivity. In case the brace slips, tighten the straps, especially the middle strap.

KARM PLUS SiZE KNEE BRACE is available in XS – 6XL sizes! It offers high support. Due to the side stabilizers, it provides more stability than pull-up sleeves and straps. Knee brace for instability, dodgy knee and swelling, minor ligament injuries, tendonitis pain, torn meniscus, twisted and sprained knee, cartilage irritation, and during post-surgery recovery.

OPEN PATELLA KNEE BRACE STABILIZER reduces pressure on the patella & underlying knee joint, making the patellofemoral knee brace perfect for heavy usage and the knee brace for working out. Knee support for running, walking, weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross training, gymnastics, hiking, playing golf, fitness, bowling, biking, basketball, and tennis.

3 SAME WAY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS make the wraparound knee support stay in place throughout the day, and make knee support easy to adjust. Wear during periods of inactivity or when sporting as the 60% neoprene material can help increase blood flow and retain heat to protect muscles.

EVERYBODY CAN EASILY USE the plus size knee brace without any additional help. Place it on the knee, fasten the straps one by one and you are ready to go. The Plus Size Knee Brace is suitable for wearing on the left and the right knee.