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KARM ANKLE SLEEVE IS A ONE-SIZE product that comes together with a bonus additional support strap so that you could give your ankle the support it needs. A toeless fasciitis sleeve works as an additional protective layer that offers your ankle compression and which helps to stabilize the ligaments. Use for heel spurs, heel pain, swelling, splint, muscle fatigue, sprained ankle, Achilles heel, strains, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, arthritis, and torn tendons.

LIGHTWEIGHT COMPRESSION ankle support is a comfortable fit to any footwear and you can choose to either wear the foot wrap under or over the sock. You will barely notice you pulled on your Achilles tendon sleeve when wearing your shoes or boots.

GIVES YOUR BODY CONSTANT FEEDBACK to pay closer attention to the ankle when standing on the feet for a long time at your workplace, when doing sports, running, hiking, traveling, or playing any kind of sport from volleyball to football.

EVERYBODY CAN EASILY USE the Ankle support without any additional help. Pull it over your foot, adjust its placement, add the bonus strap and you are ready to go. Ankle support is designed to be a great fit for either your left or right leg. Support your foot during the day or throughout the night according to your need.